Adarsh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s


Keshavnagar, Ghatangri Road, Umbre kotha, OSMANABAD – 413501(M.S.)

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistryis a field which utilizes the basics of chemistry and biology, thereby producing knowledge in which pharmaceutical materials are produced. Therefore, a “pharmaceutical chemist” has to be not only a skillful organic chemist, but also should have knowledge about basic sciences in bio-sciences, especially biochemistry, pharmacology, and pharmaco-kinetics.

Considering the above, the basic branch in pharmaceutical chemistry involves drug discovery within which mastery in sciences such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and bio-pharmacy becomes a must. Among the other important branches of the field one may note to the drug synthesis, designing new molecules, molecular modifications in order to better the drug impacts (power, specificity, physic-chemical characteristics modifications, and betterment of pharmaco-kinetics characteristics).

MR. GORAKH V. DESHMANE ( M. Pharm - Pharmceutical Chemistry ) HOD