Adarsh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s


Keshavnagar, Ghatangri Road, Umbre kotha, OSMANABAD – 413501(M.S.)

Programme Outcomes

The program Outcome of Pharmacy are:

  • Students should be able to understand the knowledge on preparatory pharmacy with arts and science of preparing various conventional dosage forms.
  • To study the various physical and physicochemical properties and principle involved in dosage form/ formulations.
  • Biotechnologies are leading to new biological revolutions in diagnosis, prevention and cure of disease new and cheaper pharmaceutical drug.
  • Scientific application of biotechnology in the field of genetic engineering, medicine and fermentation technology make the subject interesting.
  • Understand the medical and pharmaceutical importance of organic and inorganic compound also importance of drug design and synthesis of drug.
  • Understand the chemistry of drug with respect to their pharmacological activity, drug metabolic pathway, adverse effect and therapeutic value of the drug.
  • Student should be able to know the crude drugs, their uses, herbal drug interaction, evaluation techniques, characterization and identification of the herbal drugs and phytoconstituents.